Jessica Cutting


I was born in Galveston, TX on April 12, 1989, the only girl of 5 children (yes, I had to be tough, lol). I
spent most of my childhood in Baytown but ended up going to highschool in Houston. I graduated
from J. Frank Dobie High School in 2006 and immediately tried my luck in the United States Coast
Guard. I originally chose this path in order to pay for my education, but quickly found that it was my
true calling.

My first unit was an 87 foot patrol boat out of Portsmouth, Va. Our main mission was law
enforcement as well as search and rescue. It felt like overnight I transformed from a young shy
teenager, to a brave and driven woman. I learned to shoot, to hold myself and others accountable,
but mostly that it takes giving respect to get it. I'm currently 10 years into my career, and have had
the opportunity to experience more in life than I ever dreamed.
I met my amazing husband (who also happens to be in the military) while stationed in Portsmouth,
VA and we've been married since September of 2009. We have a beautiful 6 year old girl and two
adorable fur babies, and a bunny rabbit! Ok, enough about all that!!

As the former President of the board for"React In a Heartbeat", I am passionate about this organization on somany levels. Being a mother, I feel it absolutely vital to obtain these skills. 75 to 80 percent of all "outof hospital" cardiac arrest happen at home. The ability to perform CPR can be the difference betweenlife and death for your loved one. It is statistically proven that low income areas are less likely to haverecieved CPR training due to cost. Our goal is to shatter these stats by educating all communities,despite economic disadvantages. We believe EVERYONE should be equipped to save a life!