Ashley Khan Briscoe

Vice President

My name is Ashley D. Khan Briscoe, and I currently reside in League City. I have had the pleasure of working as a registered nurse since 2011, working primarily with women and children both in the private and Medicaid sectors.  My previous employers have  included facilities such as Methodist Hospital San Jacinto and The Woman's Hospital of Texas. I currently hold a position as a field service coordinator for Amerigroup, facilitating  services for children with long term disabilities. I also continue to work at Memorial Hermann as a high risk pregnancy nurse, where a I have been employed for four years.

I earned my nursing degree at Lee College in Baytown, where I also grew up, althogh my family is originally from the Virgin Islands. The medical field has been my primary interest and chosen field since graduating high school in 2003. Because of my passion for helping and healing others, as well as a personal loss that I suffered, this organization hits very close to home for me. Experiences with a very dear friend and with my own premature child has driven me to want to work to expand the skills needed to safe a life. I have two children of my own, which both resulted from high risk pregnancies. Even though I am a registered nurse, I took the Pediatric CPR class offered by the NICU as a mother of a 25 weeker, 1lb 6oz baby boy, and benefitted greatly. I have learned that you can never have too much knowledge when it comes to saving lives.  Being equipped to safe a life is priceless. I adore the fact that I am able to preserve lives both at work and at home, and now in the community.  It is now my job and a gift to make sure that everyone else is able to save a life.

I am very strong willed and open-minded and feel this organization offers the opportunity to preserve lives everywhere.